• Car Key Replacement In Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Car Key Replacement In Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Car keys are getting more complicated every year. Modern car keys in most cases can only be replaced by the dealer or auto locksmith. Some older car models that use simple keys can be easily made by any hardware store technician, but newer car keys use electronic components that require sophisticated programming.     Types of

  • locksmith near me

    Locksmith near me - Fort Lauderdale High quality and fast locksmith services in Fort Lauderdale, FL Our qualified locksmith technicians are available to tackle any security lock job. Call us now for great locksmith service near you guaranteed. Local locksmith services Car key duplication Access control Magnetic lock systems Keyless entry locks Buzzer systems Car
  • Cisa and Iseo high security locks and keys

    We offer Cisa locks, hardware and accessories for residential and commercial applications. Our services include: Cisa and Iseo key duplication, lock servicing or replacement, new lock installation and lock rekey. In addition to Cisa and Iseo we are Medeco and Mul-T-Lock high security locks authorized dealers, we stock residential and commercial locks, keys and hardware. The key features and
  • Security Access Control Systems: What is it, what are the benefits and how can it protect my property?

    What is an access control system? Security access control systems control who is allowed to enter a facility. It identifies people who have been granted physical access to a room or building and permits entry. Anyone who does not have approved access will be denied entry. Access control systems are popular security solutions in surveillance


    TSA Travel lock combination change instructions: Note: New locks come with factory combination 000 To change your TravelMore lock’s combination see instruction bellow or follow this link: https://trvlmorestore.com/pages/how-to-set-new-combination-for-travelmore-tsa-approved-lock To change your Forge lock’s combination see instruction bellow or follow this link: https://www.forgequality.com/instruction-video  

  • Motorcycle key duplication service

    Motorcycle key duplication service

    Motorcycle key duplication We offer key copy services for most bikes including Ducati , Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Vespa and other scooter keys as well. Don’t stay with only one key, get a spare today.

  • Mercedes and Dodge Sprinter key Duplication Service

    Mercedes and Dodge Sprinter key Duplication Service

    Bring your Mercedes or Dodge sprinter key for a copy without the long wait time and high charges at the dealer Conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale we service all Broward, Miami Dade and West Palm Beach

  • Access control magnetic locks

    Magnetic locks systems for commercial and institutional Magnetic locks are usually used in applications where a standard electric door strike cannot be used, mag locks provide a good solution for hurricane or impact style doors with built in vertical rods and other glass doors and gates. Access control and magnetic locks replace traditional keys with

  • Broken Lexus Key Replacements

    Broken Lexus Key Replacements

    We Fix Broken Lexus keys Lexus keys are fragile and tend to break very easily, the blade is attached to the shell body by a tiny screw and glue, and snap if forced or sat on. The process of replacing a broken Lexus key Bring the broken Lexus key to our shop which is centraly

  • Locksmith Near Me

    Locksmith Near Me

    Locksmith near me, services in Browad, Miami and Palm Beach FL Local locksmith with mobile locksmith vans driving around, one or two are most likely near you Don’t just call any locksmith! Call Smiley Locksmith for the best service in town. Locked out or need a replacement key? We are standing by to take your

  • Panic Devices – Exiting Devices

    Panic Devices – Exiting Devices

    Panic device – exiting devices, hardware and repair Mechanical or electrified Panic device – exiting device service One door or a hundred we can handle it. Call us anytime at 954-448-0183 to get more info or a free estimate. Regent Panic Devices UL & CUL Listed to standard Hurricane code Mechanical or electrified Dorma Exiting

  • Dodge Sprinter Key Copy

    Dodge Sprinter Key Copy

    1998-2005 Dodge Sprinter Key copy made. Save money, we charge less than the local Dodge dealer. Our key copying and programming service is faster and more affordable than other locksmiths in the area, don’t overpay or have a mobile locksmith do the job and take off if something goes wrong… Bring your car and key


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