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Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks

MT5 with cyllinderThe 5th generation of Mul-T-Lock’s (MT5), patented state-of-the-art High Security cylinder platform, with built-in experience of 3 decades, features an advanced security concept that combines several powerful elements: the patented Alpha Spring located at the tip of the key, a magnetic key duplication card, and a dedicated computerized key-cutting machine – the KC5.

All combined, these features enable millions of possible combinations, extensive master-keying capabilities, keyway exclusivity for dealers, and automatic cutting of large key series.
The MT5’s breakthrough features include:

Patented security: the innovative Alpha Spring at the tip of the MT5 key – with a patent that expires only in 2025, engages a unique pin at the rear of the locking mechanism, to create an additional shear line.

KC5 – a dedicated key cutting machine: the MT5 platform is supported by the super-smart newly developed KC5 electronic key cutting machine, that duplicates MT5 keys and automatically cuts large series of keys by interfacing with MASTERpiece software.

Advanced key control: MT5 keys are provided with a coded magnetic duplication card – which can be read by the dedicated KC5 key cutting machine.

A new configuration of Mul-T-Lock’s unique telescopic pin technology, with 5 telescopic pins that fit special cuts on the MT5 key.

A huge number of possible locking combinations, thanks to the double locking mechanism of telescopic pins and patented Alpha Spring.

Compliance with the toughest international standards: European EN1303, SKG (Netherlands), Israeli standard, etc.

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MUL-T-LOCK products exceed the toughest industry standards for pick and drill resistance.

Mul-T-Lock Deadblot Smiley LocksmithDesigned to stand up to the most determined attempts at forced entry, MUL-T-LOCK will never let you down. MUL-T-LOCK products exceed many United States and International qualifications against physical attack. All MUL-T-LOCK products are designed with pick and drill resistance. Hardened steel inserts are strategically placed in sensitive areas to resist against drilling attempts. Specific parts are reinforced with some of the strongest materials available to resist tampering and forced entry. MUL-T-LOCK’s advanced design of telescopic pins (Pin within a Pin) will resist to most determined attempts at picking.

Furthermore, Mul-T-Lock is extremely versatile and can fit any many different manufactures hardware. This reduces your cost to up fit to a Mul-T-Lock system because the entire lock doesn’t have to be replaced only a part. Mul-T-Lock also offers a wide array of replacement locks designed to fit in everything from a desk lock to vending machines. The Hercular Deadbolt offered be Mul-T-Lock is an excellent choice for Residential or Commercial Applications.

The high security Interactive® cylinders have a unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism using external and internal pins. The external and internal shear lines have to be aligned so the plug can rotate. When the top and bottom pins, plug and body meet, a three-dimensional shear line is formed to create a spherical shape.

The cylinder has a spring loaded pin in the cylinder plug to produce a “virtual combination” only when the key is inserted into the lock. These features make the cylinder high security with pick resistance. Steel inserts ensure anti-drilling resistance. If the cylinder is Master keyed, additional side and or back pins can be added.

The patented key and key blank ensure increased key control. Additional keys can only be cut by people you authorize unless they possess both the Mul-T-Lock key card and proper identification.


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