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Security Access Control Systems: What is it, what are the benefits and how can it protect my property?

security access control systems

What is an access control system?

Security access control systems control who is allowed to enter a facility. It identifies people who have been granted physical access to a room or building and permits entry. Anyone who does not have approved access will be denied entry.

Access control systems are popular security solutions in surveillance areas like hotels, schools, or factories. There are numerous types of control systems and they are all electronically powered.

A person makes an unlock request at the door using the security technology that has been implemented. The information is then sent to an Access Control Unit which will immediately deny or allow access depending on whether the person has been identified on the approved access list.

How can access control systems keep my property safe?

In a nutshell, security access control systems keep your property safe by restricting who can and can’t enter. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized individuals entering physical spaces where valuable information or equipment is stored.

If you are able to keep track of who enters the facility, you can create a safer environment for those who are supposed to be there. In a school environment, for example, you can undergo background checks on anyone who is permitted access. This protects students from untrustworthy individuals who will not be granted physical access.

Access control also allows you to protect your equipment, whether that is expensive lab equipment or basic office supplies. By restricting access to supply closets or IT suites, you can monitor who enters and exits the areas where equipment is kept. This reduces the chance of theft as those who do have access will be aware they are being monitored.

What are the benefits of choosing security access control systems over keys?

Traditional keys may be handy but they do not provide solutions to all your security needs. In a large building, several locks and keys will be required to restrict specific areas. If you are a high-clearance individual, you will be burdened with a bulky keyring and the challenge of finding the right key for the right lock every time you enter a new area.

Security access control systems keep areas secure while also saving time for those who have permission to access those areas. What’s more, keys can easily be duplicated which makes it difficult to keep track of who has access to certain areas. When employees don’t turn in their keys when they leave the company, you are required to change all your locks.

When you opt for access control, the problems associated with traditional keys are replaced with convenient solutions. You can find out some of the other benefits of choosing access control solutions over a traditional key system below.

Easily provide access for employees to multiple locations

Once an employee has access to an area, all they need to do is scan a key card or input a pin to get where they need to be. This is particularly handy for employees that require access to multiple locations. Without the complexities of possessing multiple keys, access can easily be granted and restricted as per each employee’s individual requirements.

Cut back on costs

An access control system verifies a person’s identity without the need for a security guard. This means in addition to saving money on locks and keys, you can cut back on security costs. You can also integrate security access control systems with energy-saving systems that turn off the light or air-con when everyone has left the room.

Keep track of your employees

Controlled access allows you to keep track of when and where people are. In the case of theft or data breach, you will know exactly who accessed the area the incident occurred in. By restricting unauthorized access, you reduce the chances of an incident occurring in the first place.

Being able to monitor your employee’s whereabouts also gives them an element of freedom that a lock and key system does not provide. As no one needs to arrive in the morning to unlock the doors or stay late to ensure everything is locked up, your employees have the freedom to work the hours they need.

Comply with industry security standards

There are many regulations when it comes to restricting physical access to sensitive data.  In a school, student and employee records must be kept confidential and a data security breach can lead to a whirlwind of trouble. Implementing an access control system in the IT department where digital or physical data is kept allows you to comply with data security regulations and keep personal information safe.

What are the key identification methods used in security access control systems?

There are several identification methods that can be used in security access control systems. Some of the most common methods include video intercom, pin access, and card access.

A video intercom allows you to see who is trying to enter the facility in real time. Linking a video intercom with a speakerphone station allows you to talk to the person on the other side of the door without compromising the safety of those inside. This system of control access is particularly valuable at schools as visitors should be identified before they enter areas where there are children.

Pin access and card access control systems are convenient solutions as they do not require a key that can easily be misplaced or forgotten. An access card can be easily stored in a wallet and with pin access, no physical object is required for entry at all. These types of access control systems are popular solutions in offices and residential facilities.

What type of access control systems do Smiley Locksmith provide?

Smiley Locksmiths provide access control solutions for all your security needs. We can provide you with physical security through control of access to ensure that children, employees, and your property are all kept secure.

Single door systems for storefronts and offices

Our single door systems for storefront and offices allow you full control of who has authorized access to your facility. We offer a magnetic lock or electric strike package for storefronts and offices with a digital keypad for pin access. We also offer an electric strike package with the option of a wireless module with remotes.

Multi door systems for condos, schools, and other institutions.

Traditional access control security systems require hard wire and bulky panels. We offer a revolutionary device that ties into the electric lock system at each door’s location. Each access control door in the facility can easily be added to the system, making it very easy to manage via the access controller. With these standalone access control modules, you can add or delete users, create time schedules, view logs, and more. You can do this from the convenience of your mobile phone or desktop from wherever you happen to be.

App and web-based access control utilizing wifi and Bluetooth technologies

New wifi and bluetooth technologies make it possible and much more affordable to secure a door or gate with a complete access control system.

Bluetooth modules allow you to control a lock where there is no internet available. We recommend this package for areas like pool gates or restrooms.


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