Security upgrades for your home and business

Security upgrades for your home and business

Crime rates are up due to  today’s economy, this unfortunately translates in to higher crime rates.
Here are a few steps you can take to improve your home and business security so you and your loved ones can be safer.

  • High security locks: Upgrading your existing locks to High Security Locks, will improve your security by making it much more difficult to pick, bump or drill your lock. High Security Locks provide key control which means no one can make copies of your key without your authorization.  Statistics show that homes and businesses equipped with High Security Locks are much less likely to be broken into.
  • Sliding glass door locks: Install dead bolt locks for sliding glass doors to prevent easy access using door tilting technique.
  • Alarm System: Get an alarm system installed
  • Cameras: Install security cameras  around the house or business to create deterrent.
  • Lights: Install motion detection lights around house or business to keep invaders from getting to close.
  • Rekey locks: If your keys have gone missing or stolen its a good idea to re-key all locks to your home, business and car.

Smiley locksmith wants to help the residents of Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties upgrade there home or business security and make our neighborhoods safer one house at a time.

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